We are 24 years back in Bali. It is Lela. The crowd has just returned from Gola.While the elders are firing and paying homage to the Fon. The youth are busy at the right flank doing the HILO! HALO! which is a mini war. By the way the LELA in all is the celebration of our past victories. The shooting that takes place at Ntan Ko’oh is a warning to those who might want to repeat certain adventures.



Pictures shows H.E. Vincent Sama Galega II at the entrance of the Palace. On tiger skin. Standing by him, left to right are, Ba Tita Labit, a king maker, Ba Mboh, Ba Gwanvoma, a popular Nchinted, then the legendary Ba Ta Maliya, who was the accreditated umbrella carrier. He did it till death. Since he had no assistant his absence used to cause protocol problems. Ta Maliya is the bali rendition of, The Father of Maria. You all know that we have difficulties with the letter R. That is why Robert in Bali is Lobot. In a more sentimental manner you often hear Ni Lo for Ni Robert. Bertha is Belta.

Coming Back to Lela, I remember a question by Sema on this forum. WHO HAS THE POWER TO ORDER OR CANCEL THE LELA DANCE? Was there an answer? I will like to know also.

However only the Oracle at Gola can decide if there should be Lela or not. But the whims and humour of a reigning Fon can also have a say. I know that many people were frustrated last year . mostly those of you in the diaspora who spent time and money to come for a Lela that never was. I happen to know why the Lela did not come. But the present dispensation of things does not allow me to say it out.

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