Educational Programs

BCA-USA shows its commitment to youth empowerment and education through substantive investment projects such as:
Providing scholarships to students in Bali and the USA. Since 1996, over $20,000.00 in scholarship funds have been awarded to high school students in Bali and the USA.
Disseminating information about college and career choices worldwide.
Providing a support network for its student members to achieve academically and succeed professionally.


BCA–USA spent close to $15.000USD (7.5million CFA) to advance primary and secondary education in Bali Sub Division during the 2009/2010 academic year.


Whilst BCA’s merit scholarships continue to encourage pupils and students to study, the association is also aware of the growing crisis facing the educational system in Bali Sub Division owing to the severe shortage of primary school teachers. Unfilled vacancies in many primary schools have left hundreds of children without a permanent teacher. This seriously endangers children’s education. In response to this crisis, BCA-USA’s Education Committee in September launched a sponsorship program to fund the special recruitment of primary school teachers for hard-to-fill teaching posts in primary schools. BCA members, chapters and individual families responded to the call to partner with BCA in sponsoring teachers to teach at underserved schools. As a result, BCA-USA is today proud to announce that it will be sponsoring 18 primary school teachers to teach at primary schools in Bali Sub Division for the current academic year. Four of these teachers will go to GS Mantum whilst the remaining 14 will go to schools where the need is greatest at present. This initiative will be coordinated by BCA-USA’s community development partner

Primary School Teachers Sponsorship Program


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