Health Programs

BCA-USA continues to invest huge resources in time, effort, and funds in improving the healthcare delivery system in Bali.

  • We conduct an annual health fair in Bali, where our Physician members offer free consultations, medications, screening for prevalent illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, vision, and hearing problems, and counseling related to HIV/AIDS prevention and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • We supply medication and medical equipment to the main hospitals and health centers in Bali.
  • We provide technical assistance in various projects such as the mortuary that was constructed at the main hospital in Bali in 2004.

Mutual Health Organisation

In 2009 BCA-USA settled on the Mutual Health Organization (MHO) as the most pragmatic way for delivery of healthcare to the people of Bali and considering that it was made very clear to the Committee chair that the sustainability of the MHO will depend on the level of enrolment of the people, it is our goal to support this program by helping in boosting membership.
With this in mind, the Health committee is embarking on a “health stimulus plan” for Bali Nyonga by encouraging enrolment of the inhabitants of Bali into the MHO.

This is how it will work:
For every family that enrolls into the MHO for a year, the health committee will sponsor another year of premium. It is that simple.

Once the committee has verified that funds for the enrollees have been deposited into the MHO bank account, a match for those enrollees will be deposited into the same account.

The health committee is requesting $2000.00 that was reserved for its project to be disbursed for this activities. So the maximum amount of dollars allocated for this stimulus will be this amount and once this amount is exhausted the activity will cease. So first come first serve.

It is that simple. It is the intention of the health committee to put this into effect immediately. The Bali in the Diaspora are encourage to register family members.

The pricing detail has been structured into packages of a family of four for 15.000.00 frs per annum. So if the family is bigger than four they will have to be broken down into units of four and the subscrption premium will then apply.
How to Enroll
1. Send an email to the health committee Chair with the list of names you wish to enroll.
2. Please click on the Button below to Make a Payment


Click Here for more information about MHOs
Click here to view a flyer about MHOs from Bali

Best regards,
DeGaulle Cabinda
Health Committee chair

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