Nkap Ntod


Open enrollment for the Nkap Ntod Program for 2017 – 2018 fiscal year is currently ongoing.

  • ** Deadline is September 30th, 2017

  • All registration MUST be carried out through your local Chapter

  • CLICK here to find out which chapter you belong to

Contact your Chapter President using the information Below

South Chapter (Atlanta) – Ni Jean Rene Tchoksi +1 +1 (678) 862-4918
Southern TX Chapter (Houston) – Ma Valeria Awah +1 (346) 757 5501

What Is BCA-USA Nkap Ntod?

A BCA USA voluntary member benefit

An initiative to assist registered members & their immediate families in times of death.

A strategy to reduce the burden and expenses associated with funerals.

A means to spread cost at time of death of a member of child.

A program that we can call “Ours.”

A program that only asks for you and me to be members of BCA-USA and to enroll in it.

A program that does not discriminate based on or ask for our medical record.

A program that will leave no Bali son or daughter behind.



Enrollment is open to BCA USA Members.

An individual must be a BCA-USA member for AT LEAST 1 year in order to benefit

Must reside in the United States at the time of Registration.

Registered members from 2015 – 2016 (or prior) will be considered as two year beneficiaries on July 1st 2017

Registered members for 2016 -2017 fiscal year will be considered as one year beneficiaries on July 1st 2017


There is a one time $50 enrollment fee to join in Nkap Ntod. There after, contributions will only be per occurrence



Death of a BCA USA Member

Upon the death of a member, all active members will be levied $50.00, more or less based on number of registered members at time of occurrence. All contributions will be collected by chapter Treasurers/Presidents or a designated member and sent to the BCA USA –treasury within two weeks of the passing of a member.

BCA-USA will be officially and physically represented at the wake and funeral services (if death takes place in the USA). Members in attendance will wear their national uniform.

Outside of Nkap Ntod contributions, additional contributions by local members will be optional


BCA USA Nkap Ntod Payout

1. Payment will be made to beneficiary as designated by deceased member.
2. Members with one year of membership in Nkap Ntod shall receive payout of $7,500 (Seven thousand five hundred dollars) at the time of occurrence and full payout of $15,000(Fifteen Thousand) after two years of continuous membership upon the passing of the member.
3. Your BCA-USA dues must be current at time of death. BCA Membership year runs from July 1st – June 30th


Child Benefit

Legal children of dues paying and Nkap Ntod registered members.

Age Range: From 1 year to 17 years of age.

Enrollment: $10.00 per child: One time only fee till child is 18 years.

At 18 years of age, child or children must register by paying a one time $50.00 enrollment fee

Payout: $5000,00 (Five thousand dollars if parents have been members for two years).

Payout: $2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred dollars) if parents have been members for one year.


What are the Benefits

Payout of $15,000 or $7,500 based on membership tenure.

Added Child Benefit

Quick disbursement, no third party.

No medical report required to enroll.

After initial registration, contribution is only at time of occurrence.

Contribution amount reduces as membership in the program increases.

Eliminate the stress of wake keepings or solicitations of funds at death.

Give your loved ones the home going ceremony they deserve.


Where, How and When to Enroll



1) Through Local Chapters

2) Where there are no active BCA- USA Chapters – Pay directly to BCA-USA Voluntary Support Funds


1) Register in a local chapter closer to you.

2) Pay your national dues and a One Time $50.00 enrollment fee plus $10.00 per child 1-17 years.


Open Registration is June 1st – September 30th each year.


What Happens When A Member Defaults on their contribution?

Default is when a member fails to make their contributions at the time of occurrence after paying their national dues.
•After a month of the occurrence, members will have to wait for one year to rejoin or pay $110.00 plus current and following years National Dues to be reinstated.
•Payments are only accepted through chapters.
•BCA-USA will not participate in any independent solicitation of funds or donations for any Bali person residing in the United States who elects not to participate in this simple and affordable program.

Next Steps

Pay your BCA-USA national dues. ($100). Your membership of BCA must be current in order to enroll and participate in Nkap Ntod

Enroll in Nkap Ntod ($50). Enrollment is open from June 1 – September 30th.

If applicable, enroll your 1-17year old child/children in Nkap Ntod ($10 per child).

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When are members expected to register?

A: Members will have between June 1st and September 30th to enroll in the Program.

Q: Who are considered registered members and what is the age limit

A: Those who have paid their BCA-USA National Dues and from ages 18 years of age

Q: What if You live in a city where there is a Chapter and You choose not to belong?

A: We encourage you to find a chapter and belong because it makes for easy collection.

Q: What if you live in a state where there is no active chapter?

A: We encourage members to find a chapter and register for easy collection.

Q: How often do You register for Nkap-Ntod or contribute?

A: Registration is Only One Time and contribution is only Per Occurrence.

Q: My mother or father lives in Bali now but use to be here, can they join?

A: No. This is a benefit for BCA-USA registered members outside Cameroon.

Q: What happens to BCA-USA registered members in Europe?

A: Contributions will apply as long as they meet all the obligations set forth in this document.

Q: What happens if I lapse on my membership for one or two years?

A: To reinstate, you will have to retro pay dues unless due to some severe illness.

Q: What if a member did not state a beneficiary?

A: All members MUST complete a signed form at the beginning.

Q: What if I have paid half of my dues, can I pay my NkapNtod?

A: No. To be considered a member, all national dues MUST be paid in FULL at time of registration.



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