Previous Sponsors

BCA-USA carries out all of its programs  through its various committees, and through  strategic partnerships with reputable home based  organizations such as the Bali Urban  council, BANDECA, and Nkumu Mfed Mfed, who have a proven track record and know the lay of the land. The success of BCA-USA in executing its programs has been largely thanks to the support of several donors, including but not limited to:


  • Kim Neubauer of Wyncote, PA : Math text books.
  • Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital of Milwaukee, WI: Medical armamentarium.
  • Jeanne McCue of Whitefishbay, WI: Medical armamentarium.
  • Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, IL: New and used computers.
  • Dekalb Medical Center, Decatur GA: Medical armamentarium.
  • Juniata College in Huntington, PA: Science text books.
  • Springfield School District – Books, used computers.
  • St Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah , GA: Cash and medications.
  • Moneygram International: BCA-USA Convention Sponsor.
  • Bank Of America: Cash Donation
  • Sprint: Cash Donation
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