GOLA !!!! This is a name that in yesteryears was pronounced only in whispers. That is until it became synonymous to the water catchment tank that is situated in its environs. The name has become common.

HRH Fon Galaga II (late) carrying out the ritual

But GOLA is a sacred stream. The Bali oracle is lodged at a particular spot in it just off the Baforchu -Bali road. This picture was taken with a small hand camera having a fixed lens .No possibility of zooming in.

The man walking ahead is Ba Gwayebe [late]. Behind him is HRH Galega 2nd. We are in the early eighties. Say 1982/83. They have just consulted the oracle. The future is bleak for the Bali clan and diaspora alike. By the way the white cock which was beheaded some one hour ago did not “die well”. After it flew to the north, west, east and south. Up and down. It landed and died on the left wing.

Horror, abomination, anger , mixed with frustration. I heard an elderly palace tender curse. This never occurred for years!

HRH Fon Ganyonga III following in his father’s footsteps

Worse still the divine diver came out of the water with strange things in his basket. Bad omens. Translation; a year of many calamities, bad harvest, disease and many deaths. What baffled the inner circle was the message that a very big umbrella tree was going to fall.

The Lela was kind of “wali wali”. Our Bawok friends were valiant at the “hilo halo”. And true the year was catastrophic. And less than two years after that The Fon passed on and followed his ancestors on the no return journey.

Did the Oracle predict it? Does the Oracle say the truth?


An anecdote. Each time I tried to send this article online I had a light failure or a disconnection. For many days. I had no hitch sending OUR RECENT PAST. Was or is it the Oracle disturbing? Since women are not allowed at Gola and by this article they are going to read a few secrets. Maybe that is why. But fear not. I am not sure its powers can go beyond Bali.

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