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About Us

The Bali Cultural Association USA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Bali cultural heritage and fostering the social development of the Bali people of the North West Region of Cameroon, Africa. BCA-USA draws its membership from all persons of Bali Nyonga heritage and friends of BCA-USA. The objectives of BCA-USA are to:

Preserve, promote and propagate the Bali Culture

Create a forum through which all Bali people and their friends can come together and get acquainted.

Disseminate information about cultural activities in Bali and those organized by the association.

Create a medium for the discussion of issues affecting Bali people in Bali, the United States and the diaspora as a whole.

Encourage Bali people in the United States to be good residents of their host country.

Carry out any other legitimate activity ancillary to the association’s purposes.


To achieve its objectives, BCA consistently collaborates with local development partners in Bali. BCA-USA has been around for 25 years.  In that time, we have raised funds and successfully implemented numerous projects aimed at addressing the healthcare, education and social challenges Bali. Some highlights include the construction of a bore hole water supply system in the village of Beisen, the provision of medical supplies to local hospitals, granting scholarships to pupils and students, sponsoring primary school teachers to teach in under-served communities around Bali and sponsoring vocational training for unemployed youths in Bali.

History/Organizational Structure

Launched in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Bali Cultural Association in the United States of America (BCA-USA) is an apolitical, nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. It draws its membership from Bali people and friends of Bali all over the world. BCA-USA is a well-structured organization with a national executive committee, supported by more than 12 standing committees, and 14 chapters in cities and states across the United States.


The mission of the Bali Cultural Association, USA (“BCA-USA”) is to provide support for and foster fraternal relations among all people of Bali Chamba heritage as well as friends of Bali throughout the United States of America.


To succeed in its mission, BCA-USA will seek to maintain and propagate the identity and cultural norms of the Bali people, improve their quality of life and cultivate strong friendly relations with our fellow Cameroonians, Americans and the rest of the world.


Consistent with its mission, the objectives of BCA-USA are to:

Stimulate, develop and sustain member interest in Bali culture.

Foster member support for development projects in Bali and in their communities in the USA

Promote and facilitate transition and integration into the American culture and society.

Function as a representative body on issues and developments that affect the careers and livelihood of Bali People.