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Health Committee

Striving to improve healthcare in Bali

By Ni Nubia Kaba

As part of its focus on promoting health and wellness within the Bali community in Bali and the USA, the health committee organizes health screenings, provides health tips and also oversees the procurement and delivery of medical supplies for healthcare facilities in Bali. Thanks to the generous donation of BCA members and supporters, the committee was able to deliver medical supplies to the Integrated Health Centre at Bohsa in 2015 where they staff were deeply grateful. On behalf of the staff of Bohsa Integrated Health Center and all the patients seen at this facility, we say a big thank you to all who donated in support of this project. The committee conducted a health screening at the Catholic Hospital Wo’on where participants were screened for hypertension, obesity and diabetes by volunteers from BCA. Thank you to all who volunteered on the day.

One of the major challenges facing the committee is to raise funds to acquire much needed supplies for these under resourced healthcare facilities. While we continue to seek ways to raise funds to enable us acquire and deliver medical supplies to health care facilities in Bali, we also recommend that the budget for the Health Committee be increased substantially, in order for the committee to be able to carry out reasonable and effective health projects in Bali. During the convention in Atlanta, we would be running a fundraising drive called “Leave your change behind for health” in order to raise funds for health projects in Bali. Every little donation helps us toward accomplishing our goals.

Committee Members

Lusia Fomuso (Chair), Northern Texas Chapter

Bola Fongod (Health Committee Secretary), Southern Texas Chapter

Kuna Titamohkumi, Oklahoma Chapter

Florence Bassa, Northern Chapter

Beatrice Tangeh, Southern Texas Chapter

Joseph Fomukong, Southern Texas Chapter

Augustine Njinjoh, Eastern Chapter

Candice Ngwa, Northern Texas Chapter