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Multipurpose Center

The Bali MPC currently under construction is BCA-USA’s flagship project. The facility located in Bali Nyonga, (Cameroon, West Africa) will house a variety of community resources that will serve as a hub for promoting education, literacy, and wellness to a population of over 85,000 most of whom are low income workers or unemployed. The project has conceptually evolved over the years from a library to a multipurpose community center.

The Bali MPC will contain:

  • A modern community library to foster the acquisition and maintenance of lifelong literacy skills.
  • A wellness and counseling center for various health promotion initiatives including HIV/AIDS education, diabetes awareness programs, and other health initiatives.
  • An Information Technology Center to harness the potential of information and communications technologies in enhancing development and social change.
  • A conference hall and meeting facilities for meetings, cultural and celebratory gatherings.
A photo timeline showing progress with the construction the MPC

A photo timeline showing progress with the construction the MPC

Community Impact


Libraries and community centers are increasingly significant avenues for initiating and sustaining vibrant communities. Libraries connect people to information and help combat low literacy levels which can subvert poverty and advance development in many African countries. Yet public community libraries are generally non-existent in Cameroon, and where they exist they are located in urban centers and are severely under resourced.

In the case of the 17 villages that surround Bali Nyonga village in the North West Region of Cameroon, the closest public library is located 20 miles away. This leaves over 100,000 people (including 25,000 elementary, secondary, and high school students) without access to basic tools of literacy and learning – books. Many of these children have never seen a library. They equally cannot afford to buy books (both required school text books and books to read for pleasure). Affordable access to books and all the resources that a library and community center offer, is a vital way of engaging young people in reading, advancing lifelong literacy skills and helping build a vibrant and resilient community.

The Bali MPC will serve as a hub for advancing literacy by promoting the lifelong pursuit of knowledge to a community of mostly low income and unemployed individuals spread across 17 villages in Bali. Building a community center with the library at its heart is informed by our belief in the role of libraries in promoting lifelong learning and connecting people of all ages to information.

Anticipated Literacy Programs

  • Mungaka (Bali Nyonga Language) learning
  • Book clubs
  • Childhood literacy programs
  • Continuing education workshops


The Bali MPC will provide access to lifesaving health information, preventive care and counseling to communities with low healthcare resources. It will offer a focal point for community health promotion activities and other BCA-USA health initiatives aimed at supporting local networks and groups such as people living with HIV/AIDS. The Bali community has been deeply affected by HIV/AIDS. Despite the increasing availability of antiretroviral treatment, a great sensitization effort and community education about the realities of the effects of this disease is still needed. In addition, people living with HIV/AIDS and their families also need regular counseling and support services.

Anticipated Health Programs

  • HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programs
  • Health and wellness fairs

Information Technology
Advances in technology and social media have facilitated global communication, commerce, and innovations. The Bali MPC’s multimedia center will significantly bridge the digital divide of the local communities to larger global cultures by fostering access to contemporary technologies, information, business, and networked communication systems.

Anticipated Technology Programs

  • Internet Literacy Training
  • Computer Literacy Training
  • Social Media Communication

Economic Growth
Given the strategic geographic and cultural location of the village of Bali, the MPC will serve and economically impact communities beyond Bali. It will also play a significant role in community development by providing access to recreational facilities beyond school hours. The center will enhance economic growth and be self-financing through the commercial use of the conference facilities and offices for community events.

Anticipated Programs

  • Entrepreneur Mentorship
  • Microenterprise Development


How you can Support The Bali MPC
Project Cost

The estimated cost of this project is $600.000. To date, BCA has raised over $350,000 through various fundraising events and a capital campaigns launched in 2010. Funds raised so far have enabled BCA-USA to purchase land, conduct site evaluation and begin construction. BCA is currently seeking donations to help complete construction of the center by summer 2019.

How you can Support: Giving made simple

Please consider any of the following convenient giving options and help us reach our goal:
PayPal: Send donations to Epayments@bca-usa.org

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Make checks payable to BCA-USA and mail to the BCA-USA Treasurer at:

170 Walnut Crest Run,
Sanford FL 32771


Bali MPC Donor Recognition

To reflect and acknowledge the amazing generosity and support of our kind donors over the past several years, the BCA-USA Fundraising Committee introduced the Raise for the Finish Capital Campaign. The campaign introduces cumulative giving levels and donor recognition. Below are the different donor recognition levels:

All donors who donate in the amount of $500 and above will have their names reflected in the official Bali Multipurpose Center Donor Book. This book will be displayed at the Bali Multipurpose Center.

Our donor recognition levels reflect donations from individuals, combined giving from couples, families or friends as well as donations from local BCA chapters, foundations and corporations.

Levels of Donation and Recognition

  • $500 – Name in the MPC Donor Book
  • $1000 – 1 Brick (Name engraved) = Bronze Club (one brick per $1000)
  • $3000 – 3 Bricks + Name on group Plaque A = Silver Club
  • $5000 – 5 Bricks + Name (Bigger font)on group Plaque A = Gold Club
  • $10,000 – 10 Bricks + Picture+ Name on Individual Plaque+ reserved page on MPC donor book = Diamond Club
  • $15,000 – 15 Bricks + Picture+ Name on Individual Plaque+ reserved page on MPC donor book. Naming right to an object= Platinum Club
  • $25,000 – 25 Bricks + Picture+ Name on Individual Plaque + reserved page on MPC donor book + Room Naming Right for 25 years (reviewed once to make it lifetime) = Executive Platinum Club

BCA-USA is a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3). All donations are tax deductible

We appreciate all our donors!
Thank you!


Marie Nangah
Chair of BCA Fundraising Committee

Clarence Ndangam
National President of BCA-USA