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  • Built classrooms and supplied desks to schools.
  • Provided scholarships to students in Bali and the USA. Till date, over $40,000.00 in scholarship funds have been awarded to students and pupils in Bali.
  • Teacher Sponsorship: In 2009, BCA initiated a project to sponsor primary school teachers to teach in under-served communities within Bali. The aim is to help alleviate the crisis of teacher shortages in elementary schools. Sponsorship of 18 Primary School teachers in Bali to help. The project costs $9,000.00 USD annually. Funding contribution for this project is derived from individual donations by BCA members which are matched by BCA.
  • Vocational Training: Fishnet Project: This project funds vocational training for young people who were unable to complete their education, through no fault of their own, but who are willing to be trained at a local vocational institute, in a trade of their choosing. This is a $7,000.00 USD a year project. The fishnet project has successfully funded the training of 29 youths in Bali in skills such as welding, carpentry, tailoring, embroidery and traditional crafts making.